Krazy Keith's Garden Shed

Krazy Keith's Garden Shed

If you ever need flowers sent on a special occasion, Krazy Keith's Garden Shed is the place to get them from. A week before mother's day I realized that I had no idea what I was going to get my mother. The usual gift for my mother was a box of her favorite candy and a pair of nice shoes. This mother's day was to be different. I needed some tips on how to bring out the true beauty of her new deck.

My gift was to be 36 daisies's because for 36 days she took care of me while I was ill. Mother has a passion for daisies but I could never afford them. I found the most perfect and affordable place to obtain these daisies. This place was Krazy Keith's Garden Shed. Krazy Keith's Garden Shed has such a large variety and abundance of plants. Mother has some benches and furniture on her back yard deck which would really go well with the daisies.

The day before the daisies were to arrive, I received a phone call from Krazy Keith's Garden Shed. On of the representatives told me that they were totally out of daisies because the shipment had been damaged due to a highway accident. My heart and mouth almost fell to the ground and my head began to hurt. I asked the lady what was going to be done and how was I going to get my mother daisies at the last minute. She told me not to worry because there was another plan in effect. She said that I would be very happy once I saw the flowers.

One day before mother's day I received a phone call verifying my address. I started to feel a little better because of this phone call. The next morning, about an hour after I woke up, I heard a very hard knock on my front door. There were two men at the door from Krazy Keith's Garden Shed sporting great big smiles. They gave me a form to sign, pushed a big box inside and said "Happy Mothers Day."

I open the box and almost fainted from what my eyes were gazed upon. Not only were there daisy's in the box but there was a beautiful card of daisies. It was beautifully designed card with a note written in it. The not said; "Enjoy your day. Happy Mother's Day!" I can never thank Krazy Keith's Garden Shed enough. My mother was completely happy with her 36 daisies and the beautiful mothers' day card. Krazy Keith's Garden Sheddid not charge me for the mothers' day card.

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